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Everyone who has been executed has a double or CLONE.
These are put in place by the WHITE hats to make people
think they are still around.

That is so the people who are are not awake will not get
angry or upset enough to start RIOTS against the Government
for executing someone they LOVED.

Like MADONNA, or other Celebrity.

Or get so upset they have to GO to the HOSPITAL.
I know some people who would have to be put in the
PSYCH ward. 

They will be unable to accept that they have been LIED to all
their LIFE. Believe it or not there are many DEMOCRATS out there who still love OBAMA & MICHELLE.

Michelle has recently been on PBS reading books to Children,
Obama appeared with her in one Session.
There are Videos that are done with CGI. They are FAKE.


If you see a VIDEO of the person arrested and executed, it is DONE BY CGI. If the person is making a personal appearance, it will be a Double or a Clone.

The PENCE that you have seen on the TV with TRUMP is a CLONE,

He was arrested long after the COUP he was INVOLVED in WITH PAUL RYAN.

If a Person has died of CORONA VIRUS, they will not get a DOUBLE, becaue PEOPLE

Harvey WEINSTEIN turned over on EVERYONE.

HRC died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and collapsed at the SUV when she was told she was under arrest. 
They rushed her to her daughter house because it is a medical facility for her.

A DOUBLE came out and said she was ok. At this medical facility at Chelsea's Place she was revived by very interesting technology using ADRENOCHROME and babies BLOOD. 

She was taken to GREENLAND and put on ICE and kept alive in a Vegetative state. She was given a TRIBUNAL and she was sentenced to death by hanging. She was brought back back to CONSCIOUSNESS and HANGED. All of this VIDEO 
taped by analog video. All VIDEO Confessions was done in ANALOG VIDEO.


Some of the PEOPLE who were arrested and on HOUSE ARREST or AT GITMO, are still in TRIBUNAL NEGOTIATING A DEAL.
GATES for Instance will not be able to negotiate a deal because we already  have the same evidence that he is  using to get a deal.

It won't work.



  1. Will we see change or just a new set of tyrants in control, punishment is one thing
    but most evils cannot be reversed. New laws and societies must be set up,people re-educated
    and truth told to them down to the last detail whether they want it or not. If a decent honest humane society is possible that looks after the weak, the poor, the sick, the homeless and kind to children in a Christian way, not the liars who pretend to be Christians I am all for it.
    Good luck to you.\

  2. Changes are comming! Ohhhhh yeah!!!! I'm happy!!!!

  3. Qui va les juger vous imaginez la souffrance d'un enfants se sentant perforé de ses membres intime ou autres torture c pédophils pedocriminel doivent être exterminer maladie la maladie dont ils sont atteints et incurable ils ne faut pas lui donner l'opportunité de recommencer donc l'extermination et plus que conseiller et démembrement pour la corruption ils serat toujours un jours avec un de c semblables et recidiviseras

  4. Mes qu'elle genres de monstre peut faire cela des dexaces. C gents la sont atteint cela et incurable ils faut les exterminer s'en plus attendre et ne pas écouter leurs suplications. Les ont t'ils entendue pour tout c enfants alors soyer sourd aussi pour un avenir meilleures pour les enfants et populations avenir un grand nettoyage s'impose qui meurs tous se ne sont pas des enfants de dieux c des enfants du mal de satan le diable s'en pitier si vous hésitez vous serait complice du prochains actes de c merdes

  5. We have seen the king a few days ago, with his children and wife. A photo moment in their garden. The children and wife are not that good of an actor..

  6. I don't believe this until it is officially released.

    1. officiellement veut dire dans les médias qui leur appartiennent ? elle est là , ta vérité?
      on comprend maintenant comment le monde a été manipulé, ils détiennent tous les médias

  7. Echt waar hoor!!! ik heb ook een kloon besteld, kost wel wat maar dan heb je ook wat en het toffe is dat ok mn extra nieren en retinas voorturend kan verhandelen voor kinderen op het darkweb die weer op de barbeque gaan.

  8. What will they do with the clones and doubles once it is revealed that they have been dead for some time? Or will they tell people?

  9. I see now why people say Q-Anon is a cult. Occum's razor tells us it's more logical that Q is a psyop to keep armed patriots under control, than it is to believe that 40 and 50 year old clones have been raised for the half century since their birth in order to fool the public because, somehow, some clone-master knew back then that they would be executed for horrible deeds. This is irrational thinking.

    1. I don't resonate with this either but it's not Q, just FYI

    2. Q never said anything about Any arrests. Besides Mueller and Hillary and Obama . But no dates. But a lot of what they dropped did happen

    3. Clones only take a few months to reach maturity... not 40 to 50 years

  10. I am from the Netherlands, we know nothing about this. I ask myself: if this is true, what happened to the kids? I had rather the real news without clones. It makes it unbelievable for most people who are not aware of this operations. I also ask myself: who has the power to arrest these criminals. Don't they need permission and cooperation from the governments?

    1. „I also ask myself: who has the power to arrest these criminals.“

      This power is given by Q, respectively the 10 anonymous generals with their troops. Those are the people who persuaded Trump to run for president and then brought him to victory. The covert power acting in the background is the so-called "Dritte Macht", which means "Third Power". In other words, the Reich Germans of the Breakaway Movement, who in 1945, shortly before WWII ended, had left the country to settle in previously set up bases in Antarctica and in South America.
      Contrary to widespread propaganda, they are indeed the good guys in the eternal fight against evil. Here is a not quite propaganda-free explanation:

      Furthermore, JFK jr. seems to have allied himself with them as well. He is known to have died in a plane crash and is now helping to end exactly what his father once intended to do.
      „Don't they need permission and cooperation from the governments?“
      This video explains a lot:

  11. gates and his wife died in india 2013 reportedly
    but what i know for sure is the ones we see now are very different and not the same people
    could be clones or look a likes

    1. And where did they get a clone for all this people???? So they where cloned, when they were born??? Or do clones grow up 50 times quicker?? That´s really funny!

  12. This all sounds great. Especially about Bill Gates.

  13. I am thrilled to hear this as we've waited so long for justice. The one I'm most curious of is Oprah. If she is guilty of trafficking, has she been removed yet? And what happens to all her fortunes? Does it get confiscated to be put towards the care of the children? So many more out there including GaGa. I just saw her (or maybe not because of them all wearing masks) on the VMA Awards that I saw on Inside Edition. I don't watch that crap. They were wearing satanistic masks! So is she still with us?

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