The President of the United States, Donald Trump, canceled the Bill Gates project known as 'ID2020' and did the following

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, canceled the Bill Gates project known as 'ID2020' and did the following:

1.- He decreed that vaccines be VOLUNTARY and not obligatory, I feel the military who verify their purity and distribute them.

2.- He cut the funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) and wants an exhaustive investigation into his operations.

3.- Canceled the Democrats 'proposed law' HR6666 ', known as the Covid-19 TRACE Act (Testing, Reaching And Contacting Everyone) that was the basis of Bill Gates' diagnosis and follow-up bill (same as was canceled).

4.- Canceled the Bill Gates project known as 'ID2020'.

5.- He opened a reporting platform so that the same population could denounce the censorship applied to it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The result was resounding, since in a short time he was saturated with complaints and thus Trump obtained the evidence he needed to take actions against censorship.

6.- Stopped the launch of 5G throughout the country.

7.- Issued an executive order to reopen commercial and labor activity in all US states to the point that the governors who refuse will be prosecuted.

8.- Executed the order that the White House take charge of all the electrical networks that include: Internet servers, transmission systems and electronic systems. (Red flag).

9.- Declared 'Essential services' to places of worship. Some mayors are fining people for going to church.

10.- He applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a strict and rigorous investigation of China for having spread the alleged "COVID-19", despite various threats from China for rejecting critical exports.

NOTE: ID2020 is the name of the project that proposes the digital identification of practically everyone on the planet. The term "digital identification" means the insertion of a microchip in the human body that contains all the personal information of each citizen.

Little has been said on the subject in the media, but the ID2020 project has reached a very advanced stage. The official website indicates that ID2020 is a type of public-private partnership that involves the UN, WHO, international governments and its founding members, who are also its most active sponsors.

Who are the founding members and funders? The founding members include prominent names like 'Microsoft' (from Bill Gates), 'GAVI' (the global alliance for vaccines and immunization, interested in promoting the use of vaccines worldwide) and the Rockefeller family.

In the ID2020 Administration we find representatives of the already known meddling organizations in each movement that gives the power elite to impose the New World Order: JP Morgan, Banco Santander, USB Bank, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft ... ( I was very surprised not to find Goldman Sachs on the list, and that stumped me.)

OBVIOUSLY ID2020 is presented in a positive way for all to accept: as "an asset for citizens" (and even more than that: they handle it as a RIGHT), "something that our life lacks to improve in all aspects ( especially the most basic) ".

On the first page of the project we can read: "Identity is vital for political, economic and social opportunities. But identification systems are archaic and insecure, there is a lack of adequate protection of privacy and, for more than a billion people, are inaccessible "...

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  1. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for your action on these Anti Christs..Hopefully lreland will do the same & take out Leo Varadka & his FG Devilish Decipals..Any help would be much appreciated..God Bless..

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    1. A disciple is a person who one who gives full loyalty and support to another follower. People who attach themselves either to the person or the beliefs of another.

  3. Courageous and brilliant move of President Donald Trump for the benefit of all.Thank you Mr. President and God bless you!!!

  4. Trump, your the man! immense respect for you Sir!

  5. Can you please Provide a Source for your information on cancelling ID2020? I can't find that anywhere.

  6. Bill Gates and his new world order can kiss my ass


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